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Ustraa Lip Balm for men - 10 gm

Keep Calm And Use Lip Balm. There may not be a manly way to apply a lip balm but there is no alternative to fix dry and chapped lips either. We promise It won't give your lips a shiny look, we've taken care of that. 1.Shea Butter - It helps in correcting dry, tired and sun-damaged lips. Shea butter also has antioxidants such as vitamins E and A, which helps in protecting your lips. 2. Almond Oil - Almond oil rejuvenates the dead cells, prevents chapped lips and moisturizes your lips. The oil itself is considered best oil for lips. 3.Beeswax Base - Completely natural Beeswax base contains natural emulsifiers, which help in retaining moisture, especially on dry and chapped lips. 4. Vitamin E - Vitamin E helps in keeping your lips looking younger & fuller and also block free radicals from settling and chapping the skin.