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Lotus Professional Fruit Seeds Exfoliating Gel (300 g)

Give yourself a fresh and natural look by using Lotus Professional Puravitals Fruit Seed Exfoliating Gel. The gel is made with the natural fruit seeds and is available in 300 mg. The product is unisex and can be used by both man and woman. Made keeping in mind the different types of skin the gel works as an exfoliating agent which will remove the dead skin and make your skin look lovely and young. Try the new gel and get a radiant look making yourself noticeable in the crowd. The gel even acts as a scrub removing all the impurities of your skin and making it bacteria free. You will get rid of all the skin problems and even the side effects happening on your skin due to pollution and the changing environment. The gel can be applied easily as it is available in the gel formulation and you will feel fresh and energetic throughout the day. Made by Lotus professionals the gel is a total mixture of natural fruit seeds and nutrients required by your skin to have a healthy look. It will improve your skin tone and complexion. No artificial additives are being used in the puravitals gel.