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Lotus Professional 4 Layers Advanced Anti-Ageing Facial Kit

This unique 4 layers advanced anti ageing facial contains therapeutic natural active ingredients to help improve firmness, elasticity, hydration of skin and reduces the fine lines, age spots and blemishes. This facial results in younger looking skin with visibly renewed moisture that lasts long. 4 Layers botanical cleanser ginger extract cleanses away all impurities,and remove make-up; Non-drying and non-irritating. Lifts makes-up and pore-clogging residue. 4 Layers gentle exfoliator (layer 1) mushroom extract, cane sugar gently exfoliate and ressolve the dead skin cell and helps in regenerating new cells 4 layers active treatment serum (layer 2), soy extract, thyme extract an exclusive formula that helps reduces tha fine lines and wrinkles. Enable collagen and elastin recovery. Improves circulation to blood vessels. 4 Layers active botanical infusion creme masque (layer 3). Ginseng extract, lotus flower extract this masque helps to reduce visible signs of wrinkles and improve skin texture and elasticity. Leaving skin feeling firm and smooth. 4 Layers deep penetrating self-heating herbals infused masque(layer 4) . Quince seed powder, rose petals,natural clay and dried aloe vera powder improve skin texture,tone and firmness, help absorption of the existing layers.Anti inflammatory and moisturizing. Eliminates toxins while nourishing the skin